Ekaterina Ovcharova

Biography and/or project

I was a teacher in economics, IT and math subjects in the Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University since 1990 till 2017. Now I am an independed reseacher, writer and freelancer translator (English-Russian, French- Russian).  Also I interested in documentary films and photography. I published some papers (about 200) in the the literary studies, history and economic.  I am a member of the Russian Association for English Studies (RAES) and Association of the Historical Psychology (Saint-Petersburg) since 2005 .

With cooperation of my colleagues from  Association of the Historical Psychology I organized the inter-disciplinary seminar «THE SIMULATION OF HISTORICAL PROCESSES». Since 2014 it runs a few times a year in Saint-Peterburg (Russia).

We kindly invite you to our seminar! The next seminar session will be in Semptember (the theme "Travel as a text"), the previous seminar session was on 3 of June of 2019 (it was devoted to complex relationships between the History and the Fantasy (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, etc.)

Contacts: ekbs@yandex.ru, Ekaterina. The languages of our seminar are Russian, English, French.

Possible fields for reports on the Workshops:  trends in the development of the philosophy of history;  interaction of studying the subject and the object being studied: the problem of the historian and society;  system analysis and mathematical simulation of history; systems theory and simulation of the historical process;  literary models and views of the historical process: utopia, dystopia, and others;  representations of the historical process in documentary genres;  history and biological evolution; recent models of historical geography;  historical psychology as a basis for the understanding of historical processes;  the history of philosophy and the philosophy of history;  the documentary and dramatic narrative: the problem of genre;  the problemswhich are connected with the genre of the historical novel;  global models of the historical process of the past, their present perception;  the "application" of historical simulation: scenarios of the economic development of societyand of controlled disasters, wars and revolutions;  historical consciousness and historical education in different eras;  personalities, historical reception in the literature;  concepts of cultural history; simulation of the literary process in different countries and at different periods.